Packed with miracles from start to finish, Russ Amerling's and

Randy Harris's triumphant chronicle of the creation of the Choose Life
license plate and its eventual spread across the country is a thrilling
celebration of what it means to be American, to be Christian, and most of
all, to be human. This was a battle that involved some of our most cherished
freedoms and was fought by citizen activists who had never passed a law, but
whose grit, principles and faith forged it.  Indeed, this powerful little
book will truly inspire you to Contemplate Life. Its vivid true stories will
also warm your heart, invigorate your spirit, and dare your dreams to take

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review on the book. It will help our sales and promotion.

The Choose Life plate has been approved in 32 states and Washington, D.C.
and has raised over $24 million for the cause of life and adoption in those

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Choose Life Book: "Contemplate Life, The Birth of the Choose Life Plate"

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